Plasma Module

The plasma module is a device made out of nanomaterials and liquid plasma connected in a specific way in order to balance and remake the body's electromagnetic field. The plasma which flows through this device penetrates and goes throught the human body sitting inside.

The advantage of this system is that the whole body is enveloped in plasma, regardless of which part has problems. The large volume of plasma existing inside the module regenerates and renews all of the cells, feeding them and helping them to return to their initial state of perfection and communication between them.

It is a holistic system which uses liquid plasma to process emotion (emotion being the main cause of disease), balancing the brain and the whole body. Changes in the emotional patterns come when the module is used and then they manifest in the phyisical body, realigning with the new pattern, in time leading to long-term emotional and physical balance.


  • sit down inside the module;
  • in the first 10 minutes hold the two handles situated on the sides of the chair and rest your feet on the copper grill;
  • after the 10 minutes have passed lay the handles back in their rests and move your feet off the grill and on the step of the chair;
  • maintain this position until the end of the meeting.

Plasma pulse: the heart pulsates and these pulses release an amount of energy which satisfies the emotional need of the body. Bloodflow makes the module release its plasma(similar to the way the nanomaterial releases plasma and pulsates at the frequency of 50 Hz). The nanomaterial pulsates and releases plasma when the pulse of the components is triggered by the natural pulse of the body. And so, there is a pulse interaction between the module and Man resulting in the capacity of the body to take what it needs from the plasma and slowly release what is no longer necessary, thus reaching balance. Once started, the process of remaking the electromagnetic field of the body inside the plasma module, it is recommended to constantly consume plasma water in order to sustain the process of cell renewal.


  • regenerates the electromagnetic field of the body (cancer, diabetes, discopathies cannot coexist in a body with a optimally balanced electromagnetic field);
  • raises the amount of water in the cells (which facilitates clearing of toxins);
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • balances blood pressure;
  • raises vitality;
  • reduces stress through relaxing and calming the mind;
  • the body becomes younger and purifies through connecting the conscious with the unconscious mind;
  • sleep becomes deeper and more invigorating;
  • creativity increases thus improving problem solving capacity;
  • develops the attention which makes accomplishing daily goals easier
  • develops sensory and extrasensory capacities of the mind and the soul;
  • purifies the environment and creates protection against solar and nuclear radiation;
  • develops and balances the mind and the body;
  • results vary from person to person, each body having its particularities;
  • no side effects;
  • continuously generates plasmatic fields for hundreds of years.

The attitute of those who use plasma technology must be positive towards themselves and other beings in the Universe in order to create a positive environment as a basis for life and for the plasma to manifest.

Plasma Module


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