Plasma Technology

The foundation of plasma technology was set by the Iranian engineer and physicist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. He, by observing the functioning of structures in the Universe(atoms, planets, stars, galaxies etc.), has developed the plasma science on which the plasma technology is based.

Presently, humanity is going through an accelerated change process. This is visible on all levels: evolutionary, technological, social, political, economic, climatic etc. The ways through which human society funcions have reached a critical point. It is the time and place for humans to understand that conventional technologies are actually useless and harmful and are actually the cause of pollution of the planet and all beings.

Conventional science uses the scientific method. The scientific method implies understanding nature through empirical testing, measuring the physical results of the experiments and formulating theories based on these observations. However, the Universe is not entirely physical and the exclusive use of the scientific method for its understanding led to the existant split between science and spirituality. The new plasma technology combines both worlds. It provides solutions to the major global problems revolutionizing agriculture, health, energy, transport, materials and improves the ways of life and use of resources under all aspects of life on Earth.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, along with gaseous, liquid and solid. Plasma is the principal state of matter out of which stars are born which makes it the prevailing state of matter in the Universe.

Every entity in the Universe, be it an atom, a planet, a star or a galaxy, has gravity(gravitational field) and magnetism(magnetic field). These form a unity system in which gravity is the contraction(or attraction) and magnetism is the expansion(or repulsion).

The basic elements of this technology are nanomaterials and liquid plasma, through which plasma fields flow.

The whole Universe vibrates because of the interaction between plasma fields emitted by all entities. Emotions are also plasma fields and many studies have shown that our emotions are the causes of all diseases. Plasma technology helps balance the emotion, soul and body of the Man, thus processing the roots of disease.

Plasma technology offers simple methods, materials and efficient products which funcion on different levels of the body to restore its electromagnetic balance. It is not a process of healing but one of transformation to bring the body into balance so that disease cannot exist. The result is emotional balance and as a result a complete physical balance.