The Plasma Immunity Vial

The Plasma Immunity Vial is obtained by using plasma technology from elements like CuO2, CO2 and ZnO2.

Plasma water, generally speaking, sustains the functions of cells (reproduction, feeding, elimination of waste and toxins) and helps them function within optimal parameters and facilitates the harmonic rearrangement of their energetic and emotional structure which leads to a reset of our body. The Plasma Vial for Immunity protects us against viruses and bacteria by creating an energy drain so that they don’t attack the cells of the body. Viruses are energy packets that want to discharge their energy in our cells and the immunity plasma offers a magnetic-gravitational field that neutralizes the discharge bringing balance between the body and the virus.


Pour the plasma from the vial into a container of up to 5 liters, fill it up with water and let the plasma sit on the bottom of the container for 6-8 hours in order to create the field.

For consumption, pour only water from the surface into a glass, letting the plasma sit on the bottom. Always leave the plasma on the bottom of the container. When the container is half-empty, fill it again with water and allow it to sit again for 6-8 hours to restore the field.

Drinking in the morning and in the evening, on an empty stomach, approximately one glass (~150 ml) of Plasma water for Immunity. Wait 30 minutes before washing your teeth/eating.

You can use the water in a pulverizer and spray your hands, face, eyes and inside the mouth any time you feel the need as well as clothes and bags which have been in contact with other people.

Spray your house and environment with Plasma water for immunity through pulverization.

It is possible you see changes in your digestive and/or urinary systems until your body reaches a balanced state.


  • protects the body against viruses and bacteria
  • strengthens the immune system
  • improves urinary function and emotional system
  • eliminates toxic substances from the body

Important! Do not drink directly from the container, use glasses, otherwise you will transfer personal information into the main Plasma.